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Benefits of Joining ICLAC

  • Regular immunization and vaccine-preventable disease email updates from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and other partner organizations
  • Participation in ICLAC workgroups and on the Steering Committee
  • Partnership with other immunization stakeholders in LA County that share your immunization-related goals/interests
  • Technical assistance from ICLAC on your organization’s immunization-related projects and services

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How Specific Groups Can Help ICLAC


  • Educate the general public on the benefits of vaccines
  • Provide media coverage for annual community immunization awareness events such as National immunization Awareness Month and Preteen Vaccine Week.
  • Report vaccine information from medically reliable sources
  • Report positive messages regarding vaccines and their benefits
  • Understand the public’s right to know all the facts and report comprehensive, balanced information



  • Propose and support legislation that reduces out-of-pocket costs for immunizations to uninsured and under-insured LA County residents
  • Learn about your constituents’ immunization coverage levels and know which groups might be at higher risk for acquiring and spreading vaccine-preventable diseases
  • Support health policies that will improve and maintain a vaccine delivery system that increases access to immunizations across the lifespan (from infancy to adulthood)
  • Participate in outreach campaigns and events sponsored by immunization coalitions and stakeholder



  • Review the vaccination history of all new patients to determine which vaccines are needed and/or up-to-date. Document the vaccination history in the patient’s medical record.
  • Assess only medically indicated vaccine contraindications
  • Utilize reminder/recall systems (e.g. automated phone calls, emails, scheduling the patient’s next visit before they leave the office) to facilitate completion of the vaccination series
  • Communication vaccine risk-benefit information to parents and adult patients
  • Join California’s immunization registry at

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