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CDC data show that kindergartener vaccination coverage has steadily declined for all vaccines over the past two school years from 95% to 93% nationally and by as much as 10% in some jurisdictions. This is the lowest that we’ve seen kindergarten routine vaccination coverage nationally in the last decade.


To support getting school-aged children back on track with their routine immunizations as a part of “Back to School,” CDC is:

  • Launching a nationwide “Back-to-School” Campaign with digital ads that will run from July through September 2023. The digital ads aim to keep routine child vaccinations top of mind among parents of school-aged children.  All communication resources, such as 8.5 x 11 flyers and social media posts, are downloadable and adaptable should partners want to disseminate them directly through your websites, offices, and social media channels. They are available in English and Spanish.
  • Calling on health care professionals, education professionals and school leaders, as trusted sources of information for parents and guardians, to support getting children caught up on their school vaccinations
  • Providing evidence-based strategies and tools to support catch-up efforts.  CDC resources can be accessed on the Let’s RISE webpage and in the Back To School calls to action.  Additionally, the Public Health Foundation has developed a new toolkit with actionable resources for education professionals.


What Can You Do?

  1. Raise awareness about declines in kindergarten vaccination coverage and the need to get school vaccination coverage back on track. 
  2. Let members know about CDC’s “Back To School” campaign, CDC tools, and partner education toolkit.
  3. Encourage members to download and display “Back to School” printable vaccination catch-up flyers and post digital content to your organization, clinic, or school websites and social media channels.
  4. Send questions about the “Back to School” resources and activities to Angie Robertson ([email protected]) and Kathleen Holmes ([email protected]).

Any guidance provided is as of:

July 10, 2023

We are working hard to make sure we provide the most accurate information, but please note that the situation is constantly developing so what is shared above is subject to change. Please check for current information.

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